Hydra Store Backup Solution

HydraStor Overview

HYDRAstor or HS series is NEC’s massively scalable distributed grid storage platform, built to modernize storage infrastructure to support longterm data retention.

HYDRAstor has been architected to maximize capacity optimization and modular scalability, without the complexity and inherent limitations of legacy storage solutions such as expensive inefficient primary storage, limited scale-up NAS, virtual or physical tape, or specialized single-purpose backup or archive appliances.

Pioneered by NEC, a Global 500 company and worldwide technology leader, HYDRAstor provides user configurable, integrated data management services to streamline storage management.

Key Features

  • Inline Data Deduplication
  • Scalable growth without need for data migration
  • Non disruptive adds
    (and removals)
  • Dynamic Auto- provisioning storage


  • Growth from 1 -165 nodes supporting multiple generations of nodes within the same storage community
  • Online Upgrades –in-place technology refresh without data migration
  • Inline Data Deduplication (backed up files only store changed data)
  • Backup Storage, Software & Automated Offsite Replication
  • Additional nodes can be auto-provisioned without disruption, multiple
    generations can be mixed in the same SAN community/environment
  • User-selectable disk/node protection with lower overhead and faster healing

Hydra Store Virtual Appliance

NEC Storage HYDRAstor Virtual Appliance (HS VA) is a virtual data protection appliance that combines the flexibility of virtual machines with the rich functionality of the NEC Storage HYDRAstor Series. HS VA provides low-cost data protection at remote branch offi ces, replicating data to HS VA or HS3/HS8 appliances. As software defined storage, HS VA also enables datacenters to provide cloud-based data protection services.