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NajTech was founded in 2001 as part of Najia Abdullatif Jameel Group
NajTech is a technology consulting firm that partners with elite IT Vendors to provide its clients with the most effective solutions that best suit their business needs
We deliver scalable, cost-effective, and optimized solutions

We strongly believe in win-win relationship whose benefits are not seen at cooperate level only, but also at the individual

Founded in 2000

Offices in 6 City

4.6 % of net sales in R&D

Best Revenue In 2021

Fortune 500 - # 405

100+ Employees


Is a leader in the integration of IT and network technologies that benefit businesses and people around the world

Technical Solutions at Your Fingertips.

Our Solutions

Trusted|Open |Global

Smart City

Making safer and more progressive communities possible

Team Structuring And Outsourcing

This model reduces the organizational friction that can cause delays and muddle focus, and it creates a nimble team that leverages resources judiciously

Internet Of Things Solution (IOT)

Today, Internet application development demand is very high. So IoT is a major technology by which we can produce various useful internet applications.

Disaster Recovery (Express Cluster)

  • Minimize your system downtime with updated back-up data and quick recovery

Loyality Solutions

A Software based solution that is designed to nurture profitable customers by taking relationships and rewards beyond transactional, to a holistic level

Face Recognition

  • Extraction of similar facial areas
  • Easy adaptation to existing IT systems
  • 1:N matching

Data Center Simulation System

Simulation: is a powerful and important tool provides a way in which alternative designs, plans and policies can be evaluated without having to experiment on a real system, which may be prohibitively costly

Data Center Consultancy & Advisory

Najtech-NEC Data Center Experts have the skill and expertise to offer data center consulting by covering all aspects of the data center’s life cycle.

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions

Study, Design, Engineering,   Commissioning and operational Support

Hydra Store Backup Solution

Fast Simple and reliable data protection solutions with unparalleled scalability. Includes Storage Area Network (SAN) backup storage and software,
as well as automated offsite replication (continuous backup) via Iron Mountain with Veem.

Hyper-Converge System

Under ever-increasing pressure to do more with less, IT is moving to hyperconverged infrastructure to modernize the data center. The result? Powerful, efficient data centers that are easier to manage, and adapt to the quick-changing needs of business

Smart & Virtual Workspace Solution (VDI)

An innovative desktop solution for a flexible work style, business continuity, and green IT Virtual PC Center (VPCC) is a complete virtual desktop solution by NEC.

NEC Digital Signage & NEC Queuing System

  • Digital Signage for Universities
  • Digital Signage for Restaurants
  • Digital Signage for Airports
  • Digital Signage for Banks

NEC Univerage Unified Communication

It is a full featured IP-PBX on a disk, delivering IM, Presence, Video and Web based conferencing, Integrated into your corporate IT infrastructure allowing staff to work anywhere, any time on any device.

Fault Tolerance System

An innovative solution to prevent mission critical IT infrastructure

Infrastructure Networking Technology

Our Infrastructure & Networking Technology (INT) team develops end-to-end solutions to build a robust framework for our clients’ businesses. This encompasses everything from architecture design right through to project implementation and managed services.

Cyber Security Solutions

NEC has built a specialized cybersecurity unit from the leading technology experts across the Kingdom. We cover the full spectrum of cybersecurity solutions to protect your company’s most valuable assets from security threats and vulnerabilities. We provide the ultimate digital defense for your business – combining our unrivalled technical expertise with world-class enterprise security architecture.


Our Vision

To be the leading provider of IT Solutions in Saudi Arabia and further expand its scope to the entire Middle East by focusing on creating an IT solution for business requirements.

Our Mission

NajTech aspires to provide state of the art technology that enables the customer to apply business visions into practice efficiently and cost- effectively. Hence, help organizations to effectively use technology to achieve their business goals.

Our Values

At Najtech, the values we stand in have made us who we are today. They've shaped our culture, our work ethics, and our decisions; helping us push the envelope and be Better than what we was in the past

Customer Focus

At NajTech We are dedicated to providing high focus to all the contracts without any differences irrespective of size, profitability or criticality. All the clients are equal and important to us

Year Experience
Hard Workers

What you can do with Us

Increase your revenues and profits

Measure and optimize to create better strategies and tactics using standard MIS and standard reports

Increase Brand Reputation

Provide a wow customer experience and get more referrals through your happy customers

Optimize Productivity

Leverage automation flow across departments to ensure optimum productivity levels for your team

Increase Visibility

Use Audit Trails and electronic workflow to track everything in your organization

Easy to Use & Learn

Simple and user friendly features that allow new users to quickly start using the software with ease

Cloud Enabled

No expensive hardware. No managing the IT infrastructure. Host the entire solution on the cloud

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