Data Center Consultancy & Advisory


  • Najtech-NEC Data Center Experts have the skill and expertise to offer data center consulting by covering all aspects of the data center’s life cycle. From helping facilities determine what they need and when they need it to designing a proposed data center, performing an audit and maintaining it, we provide a comprehensive consulting service. All our services are based on relevant international data center standards


  • Clients can take advantage of our market intelligence and years of experience to get an innovative data center that provides users with optimal value and efficiency

Tier Verification



Site Preparation


Facilities Capacity and Conditions Assessment

  • When designing, deploying, or upgrading a data center, it’s common practice to turn to expert advice on switching, server, and storage technologies. But when you consider that this critical equipment all relies on having the right power, cooling, and cabling infrastructure to ensure performance, reliability, efficiency, and salability, expert guidance on selecting and deploying these solutions is just as vital.
  • NAJTECH is focusing on a data center service guiding you through the process of selecting and designing the infrastructure you need to realize the full potential of your data center preventing downtime and maintain peak performance and efficiency.
  • NAJTECH Data Center design and consultation Services provides the analysis and strategies to ensure that your data center supports the needs of today while being resilient and scalable to support your business growth.

Prior to IT investment, understand how your facility infrastructure meets requirements by providing a critical systems-by-system evaluation Najtech will:

  • Confirm the business strategy driving investment in availability and capacity.
  • Benchmark availability and capacity.
  • Benchmark maintenance of critical facility infrastructure systems.
  • Identify single points of failure.
  • Identify energy efficiency opportunities
  • Provide a recommendation plan for improvement.

As Optional Najtech can offer UPTIME Tier Assessment (Tier Gap Analysis)